Thursday, May 26, 2005

Wrapped Beef Jerky?!?!?

Crazy. I thought Fan gave me and John pieces of candy, wrapped like cough drops or cherry candies, but NO! It was beef jerky! Now, I love (LOVE) beef jerky, but seriously... that was freaky! But it turned out good in the end.

Look for upcoming updates on:

The weekend that was (seeing Jim Drachenberg and Travis Branam in Belton)
The UEFA Championship Match of the Century (that's futbol by the way!)
Winning Eleven, my new found addiction
The obligatory Star Wars post after seeing it this coming weekend
Tim and the tivo that couldn't
No more ceiling Fan at the office!

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Is it Indian Rug Burn or Indian Rub Burn? I was always taught Rug, but Mel just used Rub, which kind of makes sense, since it is a rub. But Rug? People use that one too!


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

This is from Jellico, TN. Our Spring Break Campaign in 2002.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

How bout them MAVS!!!!!!

Oh yeah!!

A 40-point blowout! Houston sent home for another year. If I were a woman, Darrell Armstrong could have my kids! Did yall see that block on Mike James?? Mike's a warrior, but he completely lost it. The rest of the Rockets are some losers man. That speed of the Mavericks, bam bam bam!! Whoosh, there Jason Terry goes!

Mavericks vs. Phoenix. If you aren't a basketball fan (or an NBA fan), here's your time to become one. 2 amazing teams that play team basketball. The score might be 140-135, so you gotta check this out!! Dirk vs. Steve.

On a side note, regarding Jeremy's post on wearing a bike helmet, apparently safekids.org heard. I've seen 2 commercials today about adults and kids wearing helmets starring Chipper Jones and Grant Hill. Man, if those guys wear helmets I am too!! :D

What a NIGHT!!!

Friday, May 06, 2005

ACU Alum on TV

So I'm sitting here studying- which means I am of course also watching Comedy Central's Friday Night Standup-and I saw an interesting commercial. It was a weight loss commercial starring this guy who was fat, and he lost 130 lbs. I thought he looked familar, and then at the end he said his name was Stephen Jones! Do any of yall remember him from ACU? That was crazy, apparently he's having fun, according to the commercial!! He was trouncing around with all sorts of women on the beach, hugging a lady on the sand, etc. (I'm really not making this up) They got out of a jeep even. It was like a surreal beer commercial.

Anyway, thought that was cool!

Study time again...

Update: Here is the commercial. Pretty funny stuff!!



Thursday, May 05, 2005

SportsCenter and NBA Thoughts

I'm sick of this.

Yes, that's Jeremy's post on why he hates the NBA Playoffs. I've never seen a series as good as this one between the Mavericks and Rockets, but I'll get to that in a second.

I get up between 6:25 and 6:30 in the morning, make a bowl of cereal, and watch 2 commercial to commercial segments of SportsCenter. I usually like it, but now, I'm not sure what to think. I want to see who won the NBA Playoffs from the night before, but most of the time they won't let me. Whether in a story or on the ticker, they have to show all 15 baseball games before any basketball makes the cut. It makes me sick. I like baseball as much as the next guy, but I don't care what happened in game 26 of their freakin' 162 game season! Whether a team is 83-79 instead of 84-78 because of a pivotal game in May, I don't care!! I want to see some NBA scores. These games matter. In October I like to see baseball scores. The NBA has the patience to start their season in November, so they don't overlap our "National Pasttime", but the MLB has to steal highlights. Thanks, guys. Not only are they all on steroids, now I have to watch them with my breakfast. And if it's not roided-ballplayers its NASCAR- and don't even get me started with that!

Which gets me to this mornings SportsCenter. We had 2 Playoff games last night, including an amazing buzzer-beater by Gilbert Arenas- yet here's the NBA coverage I saw at 6:30: The most boringest interview with Jerry Buss (owner of the "Mighty" Lakers) over who he will hire to be the new coach, if Kobe will have any say, etc. Talk about a bad interview!! Here's what went down: He hasn't decided who will coach his (Kobe's) team, he won't give a list of candidates (maybe Shaq could be a player/coach!), and Kobe will have no say (yeah, right!). Basically everything we already knew, in a stifflingly boring format. Who does the thinking around ESPN?!?!? There's a reason teams like Denver and Memphis outlasted the Lakers on the way to the last spots in the playoffs- they were better teams!! No one, absolutley no one except for a few actors in LA, cares about the Lakers. Most are just happy they are a bunch of losers. Memphis just blew up 2 days ago, why don't they guess what will happen to Jason Williams, Bonzi Wells, Stromile Swift, etc. Kwame Brown of the Wizards just got benched for the rest of the playoffs. Why don't they guess what'll happen to him? Yao commits 9 fouls a game and only gets called for 5 of them, why don't they comment on that?!?!?

Which brings me to my last point. If you haven't seen any playoff basketball this year, do yourself a favor and watch the Dallas/Houston game tonight at 8:30 central time. These games have been sensational!!! I don't have time to watch the other playoff series, and I really don't care to- this one has just been amazing!! I watch the occasional Boston/Indiana matchup, since they are usually on before the Mavs, but man. These Mavs rock and it's finally great to see them put something together. If the Mavs win tonight you have to watch the Phoenix/Dallas matchup. It should be some of the greatest team basketball we've seen in some time!!

As for this Yao controversy, take it from someone who's watched all the games and isn't a homer. Take it from Melissa, my wife. She usually doesn't get upset with things like ref calls, and she laughs at me when I do, but she sees Yao get away with foul after foul and she can't stand it. Whether he shoves someone out of the way for a rebound, commits an over-the-back, or sets a moving screen, all three happen- and the refs haven't called much of em. In fact, he has yet to get an over-the-back called against him!! It makes me sick. Then Van Gundy has the audacity to say that Yao gets to many calls called against him! Have they seen Erick Dampier?!?!? It's just a joke to have a clumsy big man in the NBA today. Just drive into the lane, hit them, and it's a foul. It's easy. Not just on Yao, but every big man. Yao needs to grow up, wipe the tears from his eyes, and bow to the power of the Dirk!!

In closing, I feel sorry for my neighbors. For a span of 2 and a half hours every few nights, I yell and scream for my Mavs. I tell almost every Rocket to "Eat it". I tell Yao to go back to China, McGrady to go back to High School, and Van Gundy and the "Self-Pleasuring Male Reproductive Organ" (edited down for the younger audience and mother-in-laws) to go back to the gay strip club. Is anyone else sick of their self-pleasuring 3-point signal?

Thanks to the Mavs tonight, we won't have to see it again!!! Do yourself a favor, and watch this game!!!

Monday, May 02, 2005

And I'm a Moron...

So maybe I'm just tired.

Yesterday Josue picked me up at 3:15 to help a friend from Church move a few things from his house. Our friend has MS, which means it's hard for him to get around and do these things himself. But he never asks for any help, so when he did we jumped at the chance.

As I'm walking down the stairs, my shoe is only half way on. I get to the bottom, 1 step to go, and BAM! I hit the ground. One of those surreal moments like I've had so many times before. I know I'm going down, but I can't seem to do anything about it. Josue was watching the whole time from his car, and he thought I was faking because I was up so fast. He said he barely saw me hit the ground. I scraped up my knee pretty good, to almost perfectly match Adam's wound (from the treadmill incident).

So no big deal. I mean, I used to fall all the time, I even fell during chapel once. I've fallen off of the risers in our 3rd grade program, it's just what I do (although not lately).

Then today, I head out the door for work, and BAM!!! I FELL DOWN THE STAIRS AGAIN!!! This time it was much worse. I was about 4 steps up, so I took a real tumble, tore a few of the threads on my favorite shirt (stink!), and fell on nothing but my neck and back at the end. I even tucked my neck to get ready for impact, but there was 1 step left, and it threw me off and hurt my neck even worse. I'm still here at work though, just a little banged up and motionless.

I think it's time to move to a first floor apartment!!