Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life in Asheville

Here's an example of life in Asheville:

Jerusalem Garden, a Mediterrean/Moraccan restaurant downtown advertises "The best Southern brunch".
5 Points Restaurant, an older diner, advertises "The best gyros and greek salads".

See the disconnect??

Welcome to the Asheville, land of the sky and land of paradoxes.

I'm loving it here, both of us are.

Asheville has been an interesting place. Lots of retirees, hippies, and everything in between.

Tiger Woods is building his first American course here, and Cal Ripken Jr. played for West Asheville Little League. How cool is that?

And the city is dog-crazy. 2 dog parks already built, they have dog-socials where the dogs are given virgin daiqairis, and they have weekly dog dance classes. Awesome. We're getting in a dog in the next few weeks, so we can start to enjoy eating outside downtown with our dog. Gonna be fun.

If you'd like to come experience the Land of Paradox, stop on by.