Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yosemite Pics!!

We're back from Yosemite and it was amazing!!! Didn't think I'd be the first of the 4 of us to write about it, but I guess I am!

Adam and I made it into LA Thursday night. We rented a Ford 500 at the airport and made our way to Hollywood. The next morning, Adam, Grubbs, Jeremy and myself made the 5-6 hour trip to Yosemite.

It was beautiful. Every part of the park is different in its own way, as you'll see in my pictures. It felt like we visited 5-6 different parks! We hiked around 20 miles total over 3 days. We tromped through Mariposa Grove, discovered a sunrise overlooking Half Dome from Glacier Point, saw Half Dome from every angle imaginable, and then trekked through Mono Pass, to see the amazing Bloody Canyon near Nevada. We reached 10,620 feet while in the Pass.

It was freezing at night, much more so the 2nd night! We didn't want to get up. I don't ever want to be that cold again- and it was only 24! Felt much colder though.

Anyways, here are the pics!!! Come get em while they're fresh!!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New updates!!

Much has been happening since my last blog, such as going to Texoma and the Rangers Game for my dad's birthday.

I also came in 2nd out of 12 at the bridge game this past Friday. That's 1st and 2nd in my last two tries. Keep it up, future. Keep it up.

Much more than this has been happening.

And soon to happen...

Check back here soon for beautiful pictures of Yosemite!! Yes, I'm going with Adam, Grubbs, and the Juice. We'll be drinking Hi-C on the highest of mountains, eating fruit roll-ups by the largest of sequoias, and laughing at all the bears.