Thursday, May 26, 2005

Wrapped Beef Jerky?!?!?

Crazy. I thought Fan gave me and John pieces of candy, wrapped like cough drops or cherry candies, but NO! It was beef jerky! Now, I love (LOVE) beef jerky, but seriously... that was freaky! But it turned out good in the end.

Look for upcoming updates on:

The weekend that was (seeing Jim Drachenberg and Travis Branam in Belton)
The UEFA Championship Match of the Century (that's futbol by the way!)
Winning Eleven, my new found addiction
The obligatory Star Wars post after seeing it this coming weekend
Tim and the tivo that couldn't
No more ceiling Fan at the office!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, i like beef jerky too but it's gotta be out of a bag or something...not wrapped like candy....maybe she thought it was candy..i dunno


5:25 PM  
Anonymous home said...


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