Thursday, March 15, 2007

Match Day

We're moving to Asheville, North Carolina!!

Melissa will be in the Family Medicine program at MAHEC in Asheville, and I'm going with her. It's a 3 year program. We're really excited, but get sad when we think about leaving Dallas. It will be bittersweet.

Anyway, don't know what I'll do. There's a guy who does the same work my office does, and we met with him when we went to Asheville in December. He only has the coolest office locale ever - I think its the lighter building on the left side on the TOP floor. How awesome would those views be???

We can't wait! We're moving in June.

Stay Tuned...

Stay tuned later today for a very special announcement.

Until then, be impressed that my dad and I got to watch 18 basketball games in 3 days this past weekend. Austin was the site for the Texas state High School boys basketball finals. We got to see the semi-finals and finals of all 6 classifications (1A was split into 2 divisions).

It was awesome!! I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes high school sports or basketball. The amazing thing is, 18 games, not a single fight or even a technical foul! After watching so many pro games, that's crazy!! The sportsmanship was sheer class, in my opinion. It's cool cause each team has their own fans, but most people there just want to see good basketball, so we would cheer any good play, and boo any bad calls by the ref. I also liked how small town people were there, and people from Dallas, Houston, etc. so it was a nice mix of basketball junkies. Lots of coaches there too. I got to meet the new OHS coach, and we sat behind the Alief Elsik coaches, so that was fun.

And we got to see Patrex and his new girlfriend!!

So, yeah, stay tuned.