Saturday, May 07, 2005

How bout them MAVS!!!!!!

Oh yeah!!

A 40-point blowout! Houston sent home for another year. If I were a woman, Darrell Armstrong could have my kids! Did yall see that block on Mike James?? Mike's a warrior, but he completely lost it. The rest of the Rockets are some losers man. That speed of the Mavericks, bam bam bam!! Whoosh, there Jason Terry goes!

Mavericks vs. Phoenix. If you aren't a basketball fan (or an NBA fan), here's your time to become one. 2 amazing teams that play team basketball. The score might be 140-135, so you gotta check this out!! Dirk vs. Steve.

On a side note, regarding Jeremy's post on wearing a bike helmet, apparently safekids.org heard. I've seen 2 commercials today about adults and kids wearing helmets starring Chipper Jones and Grant Hill. Man, if those guys wear helmets I am too!! :D

What a NIGHT!!!


Blogger Malaysian Debster said...

Yea for the Mavs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:13 AM  

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