Thursday, April 27, 2006

Car NooB

...and I'm a moron.

I know computers. If you come to me with a problem about computers, I can help you. That being said, I know jack about cars. I know they have things in them that make them go. Maybe gnomes, perhaps squirrels, I don't know, I've never lifted the hood up long enough to check.

You know how a lot of computer problems can be solved by plugging it in? I felt that way at the car shop today. Melissa's Tracker has had a "POWER" light on for the past week and we thought (rightfully so) that the power steering was out, needed more fluid, etc. So I took in the car, a mechanic came out and looked into my problem. He flipped the autotransmission switch on the mid panel and the Power light went off. He flipped a switch!! I could have done that...

I'm such a car nooB! But I have too many other things I would want to get good at before I messed with cars, including guitar, which I have but don't have the time to practice. Maybe if I played less Winning Eleven I could have learned cars and guitars by now, but that's not gonna happen!!

In soccer news, Arsenal vs. Barcelona in the Champions League final. Should be on ESPN2 for all yall. It'll be a good one. I'm thinking Arsenal will win, they have 9 straight clean sheets (0 points scored against them), but Barca has Ronaldinho and Eto'o, so they have the offense to get it done. I'm thinking 2-1 Arsenal with Henry scoring the game winner.

In other soccer news, all will bow before me and Brown Sugar today as we unveil our new soccer jerseys!! They're at the post office, waiting to be picked up. I'll have pictures up next week.

In basketball news, the Mavs are up 2-0!! The real travesty is the Grizzlies, a team I like, is 0-10 in the playoffs. Ever. They've never won a game. And they're a good team, but with the stupid playoff system they have now, they have to play the red hot and much better Mavs. They should be playing the Clippers or Nuggets, both teams they could beat.

And in softball news, the Skillman Skillz (not the Skillman Starz as has been in the bulletin) are still 1-0! Tonight it will not rain, and we will play. Hard. I think we play St. Luke's Episcopal. I think its a game we could win.

That's your sports update for this evening. Good night, and God speed.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Half Birthday!!

Today's my birthday! Half-birthday, that is. 25 1/2. Crazy.

It's also Kevin's birthday, but mainly my Grandma, Mimi. Her birthday was always my half birthday but she didn't want her bday to be a big deal, so she celebrated with me. Good memories. I might need a cake tonight!! She's still around, so if she reads this, happy birthday, Mimi!! 26ers are a special breed.

Speaking of Mimi, to set this story up, her maiden name is Tate. Her brothers and sisters, until recently, owned and operated Tate Farms out in Tarzan, Texas. 3 years ago when I first moved to Dallas, my parents came up to the office to see where I worked. My mom came in with a surprised look on her face and I asked her why. She couldn't figure out why the parking spot next to my boss said "Tate Farms". She didn't think any of our relatives were up here! Why would they need an office in Dallas?

That's when I filled her in - there's a State Farm insurance agent in the building!

Speaking of that parking spot (and the reason I wrote this blog), Josue, Jeremy, and Debbie picked me and Cassie up from the office to go eat at Jake's today. I saw Josue pull in the spot next to my boss to turn his car around.

How'd it feel Josue? That State Farm parking spot looked good on ya!!

Glad you enjoyed it.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Is it bad that I forgot I had a blog?

Things have been going pretty well.

LTC was a lot of fun, we're looking forward to what the Summer will bring with the teens there at Church. I don't have many pictures from it, but I did get 54 minutes of footage for a DVD.

I have my next exam on May 16. I'm not really looking forward to it right now, but sometimes I feel better about it than others.

Mavs are in the playoffs, soon to start against Memphis. This is the year!!

I can't play Winning Eleven 9 until my test is over. It stinks, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

Our softball team is undefeated!! Still 1-0, thanks to a rain out last night. Why does it always rain on Thursdays? We were the first game in 7 innings, 11-10. Brown Sugar was the MVP.

Melissa's jazz dance troupe has a performance tonight. Should be good. She's been working hard on it.

Camp is only 6 weeks away, so we begin getting ready for that this weekend. I'm excited. I've been waiting for camp for months now. This year our elementary and youth will all be together, so it'll be a fun, almost church-wide experience.

Melissa turned 25! I'm married to an adult now. Wow, we're old. Not that old, but still...

I now leave you with a picture of devoid space, since that's what my blog has been lately: