Monday, February 28, 2005

Basketball Tourney

Well, we played in the 3rd annual Skillman 3-on-3 tournament yesterday. Josue, Tino and myself. We were called "Mexican Oreo" and I was the creamy white filling. Last year we had my friend Patrex on our team, and we lost both games. It's a double elimination tournament.

So we get to our first game, and we have to play the team that I thought was gonna win it all. But then all of sudden we go up 4-0 (we're playing to 16), then we're up 10-4 and I'm thinking- we may just pull this off!! So yeah we beat them 16-8 or so.

Next up we have some 9th graders. They had this one big kid that was 6'1 but pretty slow. I neutralized him, so it was like we were playing 3-on-2. That was a fun game for us. We won 16-8.

So, all of sudden we've gone from not winning at all last year to one of only 2 undefeated teams! Josue was making just about every 3 he hoisted up there (yes, he was hoisting). I was a menace down low, using footwork only Akeem Olajawon would dream of using.

So next we played the defending champs. They were a tough team, but we thought if we just don't miss any shots, we could do this! Josue and Tino made some, and most things they didn't make, I was able to get the rebound and put it back up. We even pulled that game off! I think it was 16-10.

Now we had to wait for a challenger to make it to the championship game. Finally, a team did, one we hadn't played yet, but that we thought we could best. They were 3 40 year olds or so. We had 2 chances, since we hadn't lost yet. The first game, however, we did play like we had 2 chances. We lost 16-5. It was pathetic. Shades of last year. I did stuff a guy so hard that I knocked him to the ground. It was quite cool. The ball never left his hand, I just overpowered him. Haven't been able to do that since my senior year of high school!

The next game we started feeling it again. I dribbled through this guys legs on accident and the ball came out on the other side and I made an easy layup. We were starting to get the momentum back, baby! We were up 9-2. Then this guy who's big and 6'3 started draining 3's. He made 2 in a row to make it 9-8. Then we couldn't do a thing. Josue's shot was off, all of us were tired. They go up 15-9. That's when we pull out all the stops and play some D. We start coming back, 15-11, a Josue bomb, 15-14, I pull a down low move on David, 15-16. We've reached 16, but we gotta win by 2! That's when the big guy takes over again. 17-16 them. We miss a 3, they get the board, step out side, hit a big shot for the win. I don't know what they would have done without the big man!

So we didn't get our names on the trophy. We can look at that trophy at Church, know we were 1 point from it, and we can already taste it next year!!

Just want to say thanks to the Juice, and every one who helped us train this last week! Juice even came to town and played with us (he didn't realize at the time he was doing this). I haven't felt this good in a while (fitness wise). We play basketball every Thursday night, but we've been playing at lunch everyday last week as well. I need that to keep in shape for next year's tourney!

Till next season.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Fantasy Baseball

As many of you know, I am somewhat of a fantasy sports nut. If there is a sport worth statisticizing, I'm there. Our 5th annual (I believe) fantasy baseball season will begin soon, with the draft this coming Tuesday. I hope any and all of you will play.

It's on Yahoo. Join a custom league.

League ID: 86120
Password: skyline

Quit talkin' the smack, and BRING IT!!

Oh, and I win almost every year.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Next-Gen Gaming

I am a big fan of upcoming technologies, and this thing (if real) is entirely awesome! I'm looking forward to the next generation of gaming, as I see this generation severly lacking. Too much status quo. Time to shake things up. If they could incorporate something like this, whoa!

You need Real Player to watch the video. What do you think?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Better Jazz Dance Video

I finally uploaded the better video of my wife's dance. It is a little larger, but the quality in general is just better. The download is 17 MB, so you probably need high-speed internet, but if you don't already have high-speed, this is a good reason to make the switch!!

Check it out!

Nice Car

So yesterday I was driving home from work, and I look in my rearview mirror and there is a sweet car! It was yellow with kind of black trimming, then it sped past me, and it was a Lotus. Pretty sweet. Don't see too many of those on the road. The black on the sides almost look like external speakers. Turns out it was a 2005 Lotus Elise and that it was in the Popular Science for Best of 2004. The funny thing is that I keep all my unread PS in the guest bathroom (I know, I'm a tech nerd at heart), and the exact car was on the cover of the top issue. Same color and everything. So if you have the Dec. 04 magazine cover, that's it. Here's a small bit on it from PS.

Here's another pic.

What's the sweetest car you've ever seen on the road? I saw a McLaren once between Midland and Odessa. Don't know what they were doing all the way out there, but it was pretty sweet.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Upcoming Movies

When I lived with Tim back at ACU, every week we would check the new movie trailer's website every week. I have gotten quite lax at this, but I checked out a few last night, and there are some cool ones coming up.

Main Trailer website

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Not sure about this one, as it seems it would be sacrilege to have anyone except Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. I heard this one is a little darker, and for that Johnny Depp sounds like he'll be decent.

Be Cool
This one looks pretty cool. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I'm pretty excited now. It comes out March 4 I think.

Sin City
I wasn't even going to click on this one, but I'm glad I did. It doesn't appear to be a porno, as the title might imply. It is a cross between real life and comic books with Bruce Willis as the good guy (super hero, I guess?). Travis could help on explaining it a bit better I'm sure.

Ong-Bak, the Thai Warrior
I have a feeling I'll go see this one with the guys, as it just looks like a lot of really cool martial arts. I love these kind of movies. I think this is an independent film, so it might just be at places like the Magnolia 9 (at least here in Dallas).

Well, that's it. What are some movies you guys are excited about that are coming up?

My Wife's Jazz Dance!

This weekend was the culmination of weeks of hard work for The Weave. She was in the Culture Show at her Med School, in the Jazz dance. Here is a video (I have it in better quality, but this is the one for people with modems).

It was really cool, and hope you enjoy it. She's the short(er) one.

Jazz Dance!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Understanding My Brother

Thanks to Microsoft, and other websites that find this stuff, we can finally understand some web vocabulary, even the stuff my bro throws out!!


Crazy Web Lingo

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

State Fair

Ben's play was hilarious. He had some good lines in it. He was a farmer and had a beautiful girl pig that he was showing at the Iowa State Fair. I believe it was around 1946-1947. Pretty good for a high school play, except the sound left a little to be desired. Everything kept cutting in and out. Oh well.

The in-laws office enlargement is looking good as well! We'll be back to help them set up computers next month. Should be exciting!

Signs of things to come?

So I'm pretty skeptical of the following ideas, but I was inspired to post this by the hip Fanster- my far-out far-east colleague currently 12 feet from my desk. She is from China, and said that it is not good to get married in the year of the rooster (which apparently we are in or soon shall be). And, according to this link, she's right. Lust is up, marriage is down. Be on the lookout fellas! And if a girl comes along and wants to get married, think twice! Or at least, think once, and say yes! But only if she is attractive... er... brilliant... er... both!

The year according to the Far East