Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Half Birthday!!

Today's my birthday! Half-birthday, that is. 25 1/2. Crazy.

It's also Kevin's birthday, but mainly my Grandma, Mimi. Her birthday was always my half birthday but she didn't want her bday to be a big deal, so she celebrated with me. Good memories. I might need a cake tonight!! She's still around, so if she reads this, happy birthday, Mimi!! 26ers are a special breed.

Speaking of Mimi, to set this story up, her maiden name is Tate. Her brothers and sisters, until recently, owned and operated Tate Farms out in Tarzan, Texas. 3 years ago when I first moved to Dallas, my parents came up to the office to see where I worked. My mom came in with a surprised look on her face and I asked her why. She couldn't figure out why the parking spot next to my boss said "Tate Farms". She didn't think any of our relatives were up here! Why would they need an office in Dallas?

That's when I filled her in - there's a State Farm insurance agent in the building!

Speaking of that parking spot (and the reason I wrote this blog), Josue, Jeremy, and Debbie picked me and Cassie up from the office to go eat at Jake's today. I saw Josue pull in the spot next to my boss to turn his car around.

How'd it feel Josue? That State Farm parking spot looked good on ya!!

Glad you enjoyed it.


Blogger kentbrantly said...

25.5..... dude, you are OLD! then again, you are the future.

7:30 PM  

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