Thursday, April 14, 2005

About Time!

About time that I got back to my postings. This will be broken up, so it's easier to read.

Let's start out with last Tuesday. It's not weird at all to get excited when I talk to someone about coming to ACU. It's weird when your wife gets invited to speak at these kind of events. It's strange being in that kind of capacity, but a lot of the people we went to school with do this all the time. Melissa got invited to talk at the "Body and Soul" dinner here in Dallas last week for high schoolers who were interested in the pre-med program. It was quite a spread for being a "snack only" dinner! As soon as I got ready to eat, I was surprised by none other than Garrett Sublette! It was good seeing him again. His ear looks to be healing nicely! I can't believe they hire people (like us!) that are so young, and could still be students if we worked at it (or didn't). Melissa was one of a few speakers, and she did a nice job. I even talked a girl into looking into the Math department! I'm a natural born recruiter, I guess.


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