Friday, April 15, 2005

Mavericks 88, Jazz 81

So after helping our Youth Minister Bret Wells and his family move on Saturday morning, we went to Mavericks game! I was really looking forward to at least seeing the Mavericks take on Raja Bell and his Jazz, but...

... no Raja Bell. Yep, no AK-47, no Raul Lopez, no Carlos Boozer, and now no Raja Bell. Between those 4, Mehmet Okur, and perhaps a Harpring here or there, that is the team. This meant baffoons such as Kirk Snyder (who belongs in prison) got to play in the game. Gordan Giricek, too, but he's one of my favorites, from his days in Memphis.

So Melissa and I put on our Mavs jerseys and got to the Arena. It was pretty dead all night. I think most people were pretty bummed about those other guys being out, and so the arena was quiet. Everyone knew the Mavs should win by 53 or so, so no one got into it much. Considering our 12th man, Darrell Armstrong, would currently be starting for the Jazz, it makes sense. But then the Jazz decided to make it interesting! They would be down by 16, then come back every once in a while, and cut it to 8, then 16, then 10, etc.

Luckily, the Mavs have Dirk. He was the deciding factor in this game, as he is in most. Even if he doesn't win the MVP this year, seems he has a few in his future. Had AK-47 been out there, the Mavs would have lost this game. Or maybe they would have stepped up more. Who knows?

As for the Stackhouse/Snyder incident after the game, I didn't know about it until a day later, and it didn't seem like much had gone on during the game to warrant a parking lot fight, but I don't know. It's not the first time Stackhouse has been in a fight, but is this Snyder guy for real? He's already done like 5 bad things like this and this is only his rookie year! He needs to grow up, and realize that just cause players are better than you, doesn't mean you fight them to get the upper hand. Maybe if he worked a little harder during the offseason, he could get better. Instead, he's a moron who should be locked away for a long, long time. Not for this fight, but for the good of the league. Who's to say he won't kill a fan or something? He's already been worse than Artest was his rookie year, so maybe it's a sign.

Yo, Brandon, I saw all these young people working around courtside, and thought that might be like you. Where do you sit during Jazz games? What do you do during the game? Have you ever been part of the entertainment? They need to get you involved if you haven't!

All in all, it was a fun game, but I'm looking forward to the playoffs!! Go Mavs!!


Blogger BSC said...

Zerg - you saw a fairly typical Jazz gme. They get down by a bunch, fight back, then let it slip away late. I've seen them do this around 50 times this season.

I sit on press row, usually behind the scorers table. About all I do during games is run stats around to writers after each quarter.

After the game I work with the media in the visitors' locker room. Tonight, we have KG and Wolves. He was in a really crappy mood lat time they were here, we beat them, and they fired Flip Saunders the next day. here's to hoping he's happier tonight, cuz I'll have to be around him before and after the game.

As for Snyder, he's having real clash between being a star like he was at Nevada and being a bottom feeding rookie like he is now (jerry isn't into rookies). The kid will figure it out after he takes his whoopins, but I can attest that he is a nice, quiet guy off the court. Having a baby girl later this year.

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