Friday, April 01, 2005

Could it finally happen??

According to this story, a Texas legislator put forth a bill that will ban Texas universities' football programs from post-season play unless at least a 16 team playoff is set up. How exciting is that??

But in order to not just hurt Texas, this bill will be nullified unless 4 other states step up to the plate and do the same. States like Oklahoma, California, Florida, etc. are on the list. There are 12 states that could.

Finally, could we see our dreams come true? I've always wondered why they don't do something like this, or someone like Mark Cuban offer each of the 8 top schools to play for a 100 million dollar pot. The NCAA might not like it, but let's face it- how could a school president tell his alumni he turned down a chance to get 100 million bucks for the school? Get real. All would jump at the chance, Cuban would make money off of it, and everyone would win.


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