Friday, July 01, 2005

What have I done?!?!?

This week was supposed to be my week to rush back to the blog world, posting everyday for all my fans and minions. How's it gone?

This is my 2nd day to post. Now, granted, the last one was long and labor-intensive, but there should have been more.

So, therefore, blame Dell. My computer ordeal is ridiculous, but perhaps we might have solved it. It's on its 3rd motherboard, 2nd processor, and still messes up daily. Finally, however, I think we've solved it. Faulty RAM.

Let me start over, so this can be well documented.

It all began over a month ago when the computer started restarting randomly. It wouldn't even stay up 24 hours, sometimes restarting 8 times in 10 minutes. I called Dell. They eventually sent out a technician. This lady was retarded!! She had no clue what she was doing. It was supposed to take her 15 minutes to put in a new motherboard- 45 minutes later she still wasn't done. Then, when she was, she said if its not working, contact Dell. She then bolts out of there. I go back there to turn it on, NOTHING. She hadn't even plugged it back in. The next day someone else comes (I made sure it wasn't her), and he tells Melissa there's no processor! The stinkin' lady took my processor! What a moron she was. So he fixes that, I play with it for a day, and now another problem occurs. Not only does my wireless card no longer work (maybe she messed that up too?), I start getting a blue screen almost everytime I boot up, at the logon screen. To top it off, the random restarts are still occuring.

I called them back, probably a 5th or 6th time now, and I think that's when we try the RAM. I've now had my computer up for 2+ days, albeit slowly, as the new RAM hasn't arrived yet. However, as this computer is a lemon, now none of my network connections are working. No internet, no connecting with Mel's computer, nothing.

I just once, once, want everything to work the way it should. The way it does on our Macs. Maybe when Apple releases OS X for PCs.


Blogger Brown Sugar said...

it's true...i've been there and seen this computer in person...it's not just a lemmon...it's a lemmon on steroids.

1:09 AM  

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