Monday, July 25, 2005

Serving Communion

So yesterday at Church I was asked to serve communion (someone didn't show up). I wasn't singing, was wearing my cool green shirt (as everyone was, it seemed), so I went ahead. I had the middle-to-back on the left side.

I served 4 people tops. But this blog isn't about the lack of people we have sitting at the back. It's about money and passing the trays.

When it got time to pass the offering plates, I felt awkward. It felt like I was asking these 4 people for money, which is shouldn't feel that way, but instead of a normal row, where they pass the tray down regardless, they would just look in my eyes and shake their hand back and forth.

Now I know for a fact that 2 of these people have money. It's hard not to judge when there's only 4 people I saw. What are you supposed to do, ya know?


Blogger kentbrantly said...

hey prof, i feel your pain. but let me provide some alternate possible circumstances to help you avoid the role of judge. perhaps those people you know to have money are monthly givers. maybe they write a check to the church once a month or something. or maybe they forgot their checkbook or didn't have any cash on them. (this circumstance is still a letdown, but it's an option). or perhaps those people you "know" to have money have actually hit some financial hardships as of late and are currently struggling to make ends meet.
just a few options to help you avoid the ever so awkward solo rejection of the offering plate. and you gotta know those people felt more awkward than you as they looked you in the eye. you were simply providing a service, giving them the opportunity to give financially to the Lord's work in that place. no shame (or guilt) in that. keep it up.
by the way, i really like serving communion. not sure why, but i like filling that role.

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