Friday, July 01, 2005

Going to see my uncle!!

Today's the big day, folks. I get to see Melissa!! It's been too long. I'm excited. I leave work at 1, drive to Belton, and then get to camp by 5.

I'm excited about afterward as well. My favorite uncle, Jeff (my dad's oldest brother), lives 10 minutes from Camp in Lago Vista. He's always been my favorite uncle, but Melissa hasn't had a chance to meet him. It was funny- the week we got married in Belton, he sent us a present, along with a picture of him, his new wife, and her 2 kids. Go figure! The dude's like 60, his wife probably in her 30s(?), and he now has kids of 6 and 8? Awesome! We get to meet her for the first time as well. My new cousins, however, will be out of town at a camp this weekend, so we won't get to meet them.

Anyway- one more word on my uncle. He was always the coolest growing up because:

1. He has a black belt in Karate
2. He was in Vietnam (He's now a dentist). He has all sorts of Far East stuff there at his house, including samurai suits and kendo sticks
3. He has (had) horses
4. He has a swimming pool
5. He has a ranch-type house that overlooks Lake Travis
6. He has a joke for every situation. Mostly aggie jokes, but you get what you can.
7. He has 8 dogs, 7 cats, some birds, etc. If the town vet finds an animal in trouble, Jeff gets it.
8. He had the first Mac in the family, and showed us the light!

Those are a few reasons. Anyway, it'll be a blast to be there, if only for a day.


Blogger Malaysian Debster said...

Have fun with your uncle. We'll see y'all at the wedding.

9:02 AM  
Blogger Brown Sugar said...

your uncle sounds like a cool guy...a lot like me...minus the cool stuff and land.

1:12 AM  

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