Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Finally, a baseball game worth watching: The All-Star Game Home Run Derby.

Whew, did anyone else catch this? Bobby Abreu is a perennial fantasy player on my team, so I was especially proud when it all went down.

For those that didn't catch it: The details

If you swing the bat and don't hit a home run, you get an out. 10 outs and you're done for that round. If you hit a home run you keep going. Now the record for one round had been 15 home runs. Later on in the night, David Ortiz broke that record by getting 17. But the story of the night was Bobby Abreu.

He was the first batter up, representing his home country of Venezuela (and the Phillies), and he had it going on. He knocked his first hit out of the park. He was extremely patient up there and never swung at the first pitch. He kept going, and going. It looked like he would stop at 10, as the competition is not cumulative. But he still had the fire... 14, 15, 16... 18, 19... 23, 24... and that's it. 24!! The most ever hit by the entire field was 88, I think. This field hit 108, no thanks to Jason Bay (who had 0).

Anyway, we were folding clothes when his 24 went down. Melissa even stopped to gawk in amazement. Quite a night for baseball.


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Lori wouldn't let me watch it. She turned the channel to one of those "People leave, and other people come in and makeover their house" shows. I heard it was good stuff though.

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