Thursday, November 11, 2004

Big News... Maybe

We've heard some very big news at the office today. Apparently the land all around our office is going to be renovated over the next few years. I work in Lake Highlands, and there will be a new DART station right by where I work, as well as new high rise retail stores and offices, townhomes, restaurants, etc. on both Skillman/Kingsley and Skillman/Audelia. Needless to say- very cool!! It'll even have rolling hills and trees and things.

But I am a little concerned. What will happen to our office? We only rent so we can't sell, so rent might go up. Also, with all these apartments being torn down, are all these poor(er) people going to come live in or near our apartment complex? What about 3 years from now when we want to buy a home in Lake Highlands? Will we be priced out of the market?

Just some thoughts to ponder. I'll pass new info along as it comes.


Blogger The Juice said...


LOOKS like you'll have to work harder and save some more money for that home. prices will definitely go up. you have no choice. As of this point i'm beginning to doubt you can afford me as a pilot on your personal jet.

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