Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Future

One of my many fans wants to know what his future holds. And, as the website's title suggests, I can make it happen. I am becoming an actuary, so I have access to all sorts of mortality tables. I can tell you when you will die- its up to you to fill in the how and why. But why deal with a negative subject like that. Today's look into the future will be the positives in your life.

Now, before I go on, this will be different for each and every one of you, but you can't compare notes with others who read this site. That's like telling what you wished for after blowing out the birthday candles. It just won't come true.

Here goes:

You will be married by age 31, Have 3 attractive kids- one at 33, one at 35, and the last one just before you turn 40. You will start your own business and go live in the mountains, but that won't last as long as you had hoped. You will get an aviation license and go down in a blaze of fury- but you'll survive. You'll make it. Your church will win the city softball league thanks to your clutch hit. Your parents will move in with you once you have had your third kid. You'll then go back to work with a partner- yielding a much more successful business this time around. Then you will retire by age 60, go on many cruises, and enjoy life all around you.

Hope you enjoyed it!


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