Sunday, November 07, 2004

Leading Up To Friday Night Lights

Seeing as this movie is about my hometown, I thought I would start off with it. We finally got to see it this past Friday. My wife took me on a birthday adventure, which included going to Rosa's Cafe (an Odessan must) and eventually the movie. Since it took us so long to get to the restaurant, we missed the first movie and had to go to the late show. No worries, we were at Grapevine Mills mall, so we had something to do. Seeing as it was my birthday celebration, I got to check out some stores I wouldn't get to otherwise. The first place we went was GameWorks, basically a really nice arcade. For those of you that don't know, I've been wanting to create a arcade machine for a few months now. I know it won't happen for a few years, if not more, but I've enjoyed seeing other projects and machines since I got the idea. So I haven't been in a new arcade in a while, but I can't believe how many new input devices arcade makers are trying. Usually it's a few buttons or a light gun, but this is just crazy! There was a game where you use a guitar, another one where you ride a horse. Then they had a set of 8 cars side by side that are racing against each other, and you actually sit inside the cars while they move! I like where they're taking these games. I think I might have found an idea for an emulation machine, but I'll save that for a future blog or two.

So one more quick thought before I get to the movie- we stopped into the "everything's a dollar" store there at the mall. We were gonna have to go to the grocery store after the movie to get glasses and plastic forks, but since we were in the mall that store would do the trick. So we get in, get the stuff, and decide to look around. What we found would disturb most normal people. There was women's underwear in the back corner! Not exactly the kind of stuff you'll find at Victoria's Secret, not even the stuff at Wal-Mart! This stuff was $1. Maybe used, who knows? We weren't willing to check.


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