Friday, December 09, 2005

I think my hand died...

So in the past few months, I've had trouble waking my arm up. Maybe once every month, after I wake up from sleep, my arm will feel so dead it will feel like someone else's.

Last night was much, much worse. It took almost a minute to wake it up. It feels really, really creepy. Why is this other person touching me? Why is there an extra hand in our bed? What happened to my other hand?

I'm just glad I wake up. I wonder if damage would be done to it if I just slept through it. Strange. That would stink though. I need my right arm!!

Also, tonight I'm going with the Williams to their ranch and then tomorrow we'll see Highland Park win its first state football championship since 1957! I'm totally excited. I have yet to miss one of their games this year, whether by radio or in person.

HP has the #1 QB in the nation, Matthew Stafford, and they're a pretty special team even without him. Stafford's graduating next month and then heading to the Univ. of Georgia, where the coach has already given him the starting QB spot. He might not have earned it yet, but he'll be incredible there.


Blogger Timothy said...

When's the hand funeral…?

3:07 PM  
Blogger The Juice said...

actually he's #2 in the nation, right behind mitch mustain from arkansas.


7:11 PM  

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