Friday, January 14, 2005

Time for a little workout advice!

So I just noticed my friend, The Juice, took his marathon training section off his blog. Could it be that he has been in the air too long and not had a chance to train like he wanted to? This is where I come in. Time to help The Juice, our equivalent of The Cheat, make his marathon dreams come true.

First off, we need to test his muscles to see if he has fast twitch or slow twitch muscle. Perhaps he is a sprinter that is trying to run a marathon? If that is the case, we can stop here.

Next, we realize that being in the air on a cramped airline does nothing aerobically to our marathon-running friend. While he might not be able to run up and down the plane, he can at least run at the back! Here is one of the smallest treadmills I could find. While the other people are working, he can sneak back there, 20 minutes at a time, and get a good workout in.

While he can't always sneak off and run while he should be working, there are other ways to build muscle and lose weight that he might want to look at. They are weighted vests and weighted shoes. He might not be running, but he will be getting in shape, so that when he gets off the plane, those 26.2 miles will only feel like 14! And since he already looks like he's 120 lbs. soaking wet, he can wield all sorts of weights on his chest, legs, arms, and feet, and still look like a regular attendant. This is an added bonus as well, since if he gets attacked by terrorists, they will only hit the weights and not him. He will feel like a true Samurai!

Lastly, here's an article on SW Airlines I found. The only reason I put it here is that The Juice is a flight attendant for this great company, and perhaps reading it will make him try harder in the air, thus increasing the energy he puts into his job, which will be a workout in and of itself. This will help him destroy the competition when he finally does run that marathon! And, after all, isn't that what we set out to do in the first place?

I hope this has been a help to you all. This website might help as well. There are many other aspects that we could look at, but that's all the time we have for it today. If someone else has a problem they would like me to help them with, please respond to this article. 2005 could be your year as well!


Blogger The Juice said...

hmm..where do i start. first, i took that marathon thing off cuz i couldn't keep up. during training, i got sick, lost weight, then left my running shoes at the hotel. i've just recently gotten them back, and my training is back on track. i may even put that tracker back up. problem is, is that its 10 degrees in chicago, and i'm too poor to buy a good pair of running pants.

the humor at SWA is still there. i see it everyday. and we are told to read our crowd, see if they are up for it. its pretty safe to throw it out there on flights from vegas and reno.

second, a lot of us..i mean a lot..are new to swa, and we are still trying to remember FAA regulated issues before we start adding our own little tidbits of humor in there. but most of us (im saying most because theres always a few bad apples in the bunch) have good attitudes and we are there to make you happy. we're not all comedians. we not all singers (me included) but we do the best we can.

oh, and i just may try that weight idea. :)

3:30 PM  

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