Friday, December 17, 2004

New York here I come!!

Our families (my wife's and mine) are going to SW NY tomorrow!! Christmas is almost here. Whoopee! I think we picked some good presents to give everyone this year.

After that we're going to Ohio to see where her parents grew up. Should be a blast!

Get ready for the pictures. Oh yeah!

Speaking of pictures, I went to OfficeMax yesterday. I still have my old digital camera, an Epson PhotoPC 750Z, and a 64MB compactflash card. I thought I had a 128MB card, but can't find it. So I looked at the prices, and BAM! The 256MB was 70, but now was 29.99 and then there is $10 mail-in after that! 20 bucks for 256. Go get one yourself!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

DUDE! You need to post more! Come on! We want more! Tell us how NY was. Well, wait -- that's so last year now...


11:18 PM  

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