Wednesday, September 14, 2005

We got SKILLZ!!!

Who's got the skillz????? Our team does, baby!

Check out these pitching skillz. Look at the concentration on Maya's face (okay, maybe frustration!), the intensity in his stance.

Check out the fielding skillz. Rob at Shortstop, getting ready to make the big play. Brown Sugar almost egging them on. He was telling the other team, "I don't think you'll hit it back here. In fact, I'll just stand here with my arms crossed, my knees not bent, because I just don't think you'll get it here." Now that's serious confidence skillz.

Check out the coaching skillz. The Rickster was telling me something very important, and I was listening intently, while keeping an eye on the game.

Check out the bench skillz. Even while not in the game, Sexy Mexy and CD are enjoying themselves. Everyone is into the game, giving encouragement to those of us on the field.

Check out the fan skillz. Crazy loud fans, doing the wave, getting their team hyped. One of our biggest fans Adron even asked his parents to buy him Skillman Skillz gear, so he could wear the team colors to the game. Way to represent!

Check out the team skillz. That's right, people. Skillz are seriously present here. Isn't that obvious in this great team picture? Look at all those smiles. We're having way too much fun to notice getting our teeth stomped in, 25-3. The other team didn't take a team picture, but if they had, would they be having as much fun as us?? I think not!!

Come see the Skillz every Thursday.

Follow the Skillz into the playoffs here!


Blogger Malaysian Debster said...

Yea!!! We're going to win next!!

9:26 PM  
Blogger Brown Sugar said...

man...i'm glad you pointed out all those skillz..we are very skilled....but we will show more skills this week...we will have running skillz, hitting skillz, hi-five skillz, and even chanting skills

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Great pictures! Adron plans to be there for every game.. we need to get him a shirt like you guys.. Better luck next time.. sorry it rained today. We look forward to the next game!
The Tillotson

8:12 PM  

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