Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Batting Gkloves

I WIll not hit backspace once on thuis post. if i mess up, i mess upo!

(Mine are the navy ones)

i'M WRITING tjhis isn my new bnatting gloves. THehy obviolsuly don;t work as well as my bare hands, btut i hiotpre they help during ioyur bassoftbakllo league. that's right, skillman's getting back into softball! Tomorrow I get the jerseys delivered. (Looks like I'm gettuing the hang of thise.!)

I thinjk we'll have a prtetty solid team. At least we'll have a fun timwe. It'll be cool trying to treach some iof the opeioople how tio play,. I'll try to post the stats up here.

Anywyas, ui was excuited abiout my news softball batting gloves. .I also have a goldf glovre for my left hand, and a raqucuetball glove fior my right. I geuess I could have used tghiose, btut why?? I also have som,e suimilar gloves for skuiing, but it's a bit warm ioyut for those!!

What gfloves do yall like? I thuinjk my next peair of gloves will be driving gloves, like the ones worn on the Transporter (the miovie). That wiould be awesome! Don't have muich used for em, bnut I don't care. I would lookk cool.

\Okay, I thinjk I'll take em off now. I've had a chance to break them in!


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