Saturday, March 05, 2005

Soy el Doctor...

I get to say this phrase a lot this next week!!

Ok, so I'm not the doctor. But the Mexicans in Juarez don't know! That's right, we're going on a Medical Mission trip to Juarez (El Paso border town) tomorrow morning at 5:00 am. We even get to drive through Abilene and Odessa, my old stomping grounds. We get to see my parents in Odessa for lunch I think, so it'll be a fun drive down.

We're staying at an orphanage in Juarez and we will go around to different small churches and set up clinics there for the week. There are 45 of us going on trip, including 2 others from Odessa, so that was pretty cool. 5 groups going around, doing medical stuff, in the Lord's name, it doesn't get any better than that!!

Not sure what I'll do, but I'll still have fun I think. There won't be any internet there, so I probably won't be able to update this during the trip. I'll take lots of pictures, though. I could be the team picture taker- I've done that on 2/3s of my Spring Break Campaigns, so I could handle that.

Melissa was pointing out this morning that this is the first Mission trip we have taken together. Nice. That's why I married her, to go to crazy places and watch her help others. And I'll help a bit as well in the process!

If you want to, pray for us this week, and pray that I can find something to do!!!

God bless.


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