Friday, March 04, 2005

Google me, baby!!

I thought this was funny, from Grubbs' blog. He talked about Googling himself, and I thought I would post my comment here for posterity's sake:

Apparently me or my doppleganger:

- Gave money for ACU's senior gift.
- Own an Epson PhotoPC 750Z, and take desktop pictures.
- Have a personal website with pictures I have taken
- Have gone to Hillcrest in Abilene and graduated from ACU.
- Have run in a 5k when I was 10 years old in California.

So what have we learned? It pays to be the absolute first Zach Nieland in the world. I feel sorry for this 10 year old Zach, for if he googles his name, he will see me. Not him, but me. I feel I have put too much pressure on him, and it doesn't help that I have tried to get every znieland or zachnieland@yahoo, gmail, etc. just to rain on his little parade!! :D

Google me for yourself! But only with Melissa's permission.

Have a great weekend!


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